Commercial Roofing Industries (CRI) was founded on a few basic principles by two veterans in the Florida commercial construction and roofing business. Our principles have been developed based on our combined 75 years of experience.

Simply stated, we have created a company that is focused on utilizing the best and most modern roofing techniques, that is highly practical, and that is 100% dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We assure the maximum safety for our workers and everyone on site and focus on maintaining a clean and quiet environment. As we like to say, “Just visit a CRI job and you’ll see the difference.”

We are here every day to:

Help property owners protect their investments, tenants, and reputation.

Build trust among our community of customers, suppliers, employees, property managers, and regulators through openness, communication, and delivering on our promises.

Go the extra mile to respond to and enforce customer warranties and provide service after the installation.

Provide our all-employee crews a safe and secure workplace and competitive, fair compensation.

Ed Murton is a proud member of the Murton family, which has been involved in the South Florida construction and roofing trades since the 1950’s. Ed himself has over 40 years’ experience in roofing and brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every job.

M. Kelly O’Brien has over 30 years’ experience in commercial construction and roofing. He has delivered hundreds of successful roofing jobs, worked effectively with condominium boards, absentee corporate owners, and individual proprietors and homeowners to exceed expectations, and built a loyal following in the community.

Ed and Kelly are ready to personally discuss any aspect of roofing with you and to make recommendations to address all your roofing needs, including annual maintenance and repairs, insurance claims and questions, and reroofing and warranty enforcement.

CRI holds a Florida general contractor’s license and a Florida roofing license. We are trusted by the Archdiocese of Miami and South Florida State Hospital to do their roofing, and you should, too.