Commercial Roofing Industries’s Roof Maintenance Programs protects your investment. It determines the obvious and hidden dangers that threaten your Florida roofing system’s performance, we can extend the life of your commercial roof. Your commercial roof’s performance over time depends on two factors: One, the quality of the roof installation. Two, the roof’s maintenance

Your roof is one of the largest single depreciating elements to your Florida commercial building. Your commercial roof is expected to require replacement at minimum once in the lifetime of the building. It’s only reasonable to have a comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program in place and or roof restoration service. Thinking long term is the key to saving money with a Florida commercial roof maintenance program in place. A regular inspection your roof, can solve minor problems before they become major issues.

Membership in Commercial Roofing Industries Maintenance Program provides necessary roof maintenance documentation in the event of storm damage and guarantees that a service crew is on the way immediately after a storm to inspect and repair your roof.


Annual maintenance visits

Disposal of roof debris

Priority service for roof emergencies

Seal and top-off pitch pans

Caulk, coat & seal all flashing

Comprehensive roof report