Has your building’s roof been damaged by perilous weather conditions? Or perhaps it has reached or surpassed its life expectancy and is starting to show its age. When basic roof repair is no longer a viable or cost-effective option, you need professional roof replacement services.
There are countless red flags that may indicate the need for roof replacement, such as significant leaks, serious wood rot, and excessive granule loss. You may notice that the shingles are cracked or buckling and that the seams around the flashing at the chimney and vents are broken.
The age of the roof is a good indicator of when roof replacement may be necessary. While the type of roof, level of maintenance, and weather conditions can greatly impact the lifespan, most roofs last an average of 15 to 20 years.

Opting for roof replacement over roof repair can offer numerous advantages to business owners. When installing a new roof, business owners have full control over the materials used and how the roof is constructed. They also reap the benefits of a new roof, such as increased energy savings, insurance savings, greater indoor comfort, enhanced safety and security, nicer curb appeal, and an extended warranty.