Commercial Roofing and Commercial Roof Installation in Pompano Beach, FL

Contractor Performing a Commercial Roofing Installation for a Pompano Beach, FL BuildingIt might be from the intense sunlight that we get in Pompano Beach, FL or it could be the beating it takes from hurricanes and other weather events, but commercial roofing on our part of the country is subjected to a lot. At Commercial Roofing Industries we understand that commercial roofs are nothing like their residential counterparts, both in the materials used as well as the scope of the project.

Not all roofers who claim to do commercial roofs have the equipment and manpower to get large jobs like retail shopping centers, apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, and other commercial buildings done properly. Contact us today for all of your commercial roofing needs.

Commercial Roof Installation in Pompano Beach

As a commercial roof contractor who has decades of experience with commercial roof installations as well as commercial roof repair, we know the importance of doing things right. We don’t just do commercial roofs sometimes, or on the weekends, or whenever the opportunity strikes. No, we do commercial roof installations as our main focus. We know the risks that come with working on commercial roofs, from the heights involved to handling the heavy materials as well as the importance of training.

It is important that whoever you work with for your commercial roof that they be properly insured. We ensure that our liability insurance levels are more than adequate for the protection of all involved in commercial roof installation. We use high-quality materials and have access to a wide range of roofing options suitable for commercial applications.

Commercial Roof Repair in Pompano Beach, FL

Commercial roofs, like anything else, have a useful life that only lasts so long in Pompano Beach, Florida. However, with proper inspection and commercial roof repair your commercial roof can last for the maximum period if no damage occurs. It might be small leaks that are starting in specific areas, or it could be issues around the roof-top HVAC equipment that need to be addressed. From punctures to cracks and more, our team at Commercial Roofing Industries will provide commercial roof repair that will extend the life of your commercial roof.

We have done commercial roof installations, commercial roof replacements, as well as commercial roof repairs on hundreds of buildings all over Pompano Beach, Florida. In 1906, Pompano became the southernmost settlement in the newly created Palm Beach County. That year, the Hillsboro Lighthouse was completed on the beach. Following the population boom due to World War II, in 1947, the City of Pompano merged with the newly formed municipality on the beach and became the City of Pompano Beach. Commercial Roofing Industries is ready to help you with your commercial roofing needs. Contact us today to learn more.