Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofs lifespan is two to three times longer than a traditional asphalt shingle roof.  They are durable since they are resistant to shrinking, cracking, and eroding.  Metal roofing systems can handle harsh weather conditions.  These roofs are expected to last for the life of the building. All metal roofs reduce landfill waste since they are made from 30 to 60 percent recycled material.
Structural metal panels are often the best solution for a low-slope commercial roofing application. This roof system does well in Florida because of its water intrusion protection characteristics and ability to withstand high wind speeds. Structural metal panel roof systems can be installed over wide variety of substrates and can also be used for steep-slope roof.
There are many types of metal panels including standing seam, flat, batten, shingled and Bermuda.


Qualifies for coatings
Aesthetically pleasing
Excellent waterproofing capabilities
High-wind speeds rated
Superior fire resistance