Single-ply roofing is a popular option as it is highly-reflective, durable, and low-maintenance. It can also be installed in a single layer using adhesives or fasteners. You can find single-ply roofing in a number of materials, such as TPO and PVC. Single-ply membranes may also contain reinforcement layers, such as glass fiber, polyester fabrics or scrims, or fleece or felt backing. Over the last several decades, single-ply roofing has replaced many older materials used on commercial roofs, such as tar paper. When properly installed by professionals, single-ply roofing systems offer countless advantages over traditional materials due to their unmatched flexibility and strength. 

TPO roofing systems are a popular choice for Florida’s commercial roofs because of their white color and its reflective properties, lower energy costs, and their durability in hot climates, which leads to lower maintenance expenses.


Qualify for coatings

Energy efficient

Proven track-record

Rated for high-wind speeds

Superior waterproofing capabilities

Up to 30-year warranty available