My Insurance Company Wants a Roof Condition Report – Who Can Certify a Roof in Florida?

Roof Inspection Certification in Pompano, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hollywood, and the Surrounding Areas

You may be surprised to find a letter from your insurance company that your building requires a roof condition report. If you are in need of a roof inspection certification from a licensed roofing contractor in Florida, contact Commercial Roofing Industries.

At CRI, we can complete the necessary roof inspection for insurance that your business needs to remain in compliance. They want to make sure that what they are insuring is still safe and up to the task, and as the commercial building owner you would want that as well. There are a few steps to getting the roof condition report and when you contact us today we’ll go over those and schedule your roof inspection certification.

Roof Condition Report from a Licensed Roofing Contractor

Home After Roof Inspection Certification in PompanoIn Florida, a licensed roofing contractor is able to provide a roof certification form for commercial buildings. Because we have worked on and seen hundreds of commercial roofs over the years, we have a really good idea when we look at a commercial roof of just how long that roof will have left in its life expectancy. Our roof condition report provides you with our expert opinion about the current state of your commercial roof.

We look at a number of areas of your roof. The roofing surface membranes, are they in good condition or do they have cracks. The areas of the roof where mechanical devices are as well as other needed items on the roof. Drainage pipes to ensure that they are open and free of debris. And taking a look at the inside of the building where the roof meets the walls and other areas.

Roof Certification Form

Once our roofing inspection is completed, we will complete the roof certification form. This is a form that you will end up sending a copy to your insurance company to satisfy their request for a roof inspection certification. Both you and your insurance company will see where any issues are, and we can provide recommendations of either various roofing repairs to handle or to start planning for a commercial roof replacement in the future. Your insurance company will likely have feedback to you once they receive the roof certification form as well.

Getting a roof condition report for your commercial building isn’t cause for alarm. This is a standard inspection and evaluation that ensures that buildings are kept safe. The last thing that anyone wants to see is a commercial building that has a roof failure during a storm in Pompano, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hollywood, or the surrounding areas. Contact Commercial Roofing Industries today to schedule your roof inspection certification.

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